As a new pilot there are two methods of flight training you can pursue: Part 141 and Part 61. When deciding which program to choose, it’s important to consider your goals, study habits, and costs. One of the benefits at EFI Flight School is that we offer both.

Part 141: Part 141 approval verifies that the FAA has approved our training curriculum, inspected our aircraft fleet, approved our instructor staff and management, reviewed our flight school maintenance and safety record, and continually reviews the success rate of our flight school (Part 141 flight schools must maintain an 80% first time pass rate or better to remain part 141). This program has more FAA oversight and a more structured schedule. Periodically, a student will take stage checks administered by either the chief flight instructor or his/her designees. For the added requirements, students are allowed to accelerate their training and reduce the minimum required hours of private pilot training to 35 hours, rather than the 40-hour minimum required.

*Veterans using their GI Bill® benefits and certain financial aid programs require training under Part 141.

Part 61: This program offers more flexibility with training schedules and the curriculum can be tailored to meet individual student needs. Students are not required to complete a formal ground school program. If they wish, students can complete online home study courses, or simply review material with a qualified flight instructor.

Don’t assume that Part 61 and Part 141 have different training standards. The main difference is in the style of teaching, however both methods require the student to meet the same standards of performance. Part 141 is ideal for students geared towards a career as a pilot, whereas Part 61 is often more suitable for someone learning to fly recreationally. Our team will help you decide which program is best suited to you.