Rotor to Wings Transition Program (RTP)

If you are a helicopter pilot, there has never been a better time to transition from helicopters to airlines! The Rotor Transition Program (RTP) assists pilots who possess a helicopter commercial license in becoming airline pilots, offering financial assistance up to $38,000 and starting bonuses upon successful completion of the program.

EFI Flight School offers an RTP program in partnership with Trans State Airlines and GoJet Airlines. Our partners recruit helicopter pilots and send them to EFI Flight School, where we train them to obtain fixed wing ratings ranging from Private Pilot all the way to Commercial Multi-Engine. Steady-paced instruction and excellent aircraft availability ensures that these pilots are able to obtain all the fixed wings ratings they need to start a career in the civil aviation industry. In addition to receiving instruction, rotary transition students utilize our aircraft to build PIC time, take cross-country trips and boost proficiency in their aviation skills. On average, students complete our program within three months or less, saving them valuable time and money.

No matter your background, EFI Flight School can train you to become a successful fixed wing pilot. Whether you’ve served our country in the military or worked in the civil rotor industry, let our knowledgeable CFIs take you all the way to Commercial Multi-Engine!

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