Part-Time Senior Flight Instructor: Gold Seal CFI/CFII, MEI, ATP

Tommy has been instructing at the French Valley Airport since 2007. A native of SoCal, his desire to fly became a passion after his first solo flight in a glider as a cadet at the US Air Force Academy. His background includes flying FedEx freight in Cessna C-208B Grand Caravans, as a line pilot and training captain. He was also part of the original pilot group of the California-based airline, Surf Air. He is currently the chief pilot of a corporate flight department based in Phoenix, where he enjoys surfing the skies in a Pilatus PC-12. Tommy is passionate about aviation’s past history as well as its future, which is why when he’s not flying the Pilatus he’s flying with students or showing visitors around the flight school. Whether teaching crosswind landings on French Valley’s Runway 18 or mentoring owners of high-performance turboprops over the Rockies, Tommy’s laid-back surfer style provides a relaxed learning environment where both novice and experienced pilots can reach their full potential. He is readily available on request for introductory flights, flight reviews or any other excuse to fly!