Instructor, CFI/MEI

My name is Terry Bolin and I have been flying for about 16 years. My degree is in aeronautics from Liberty University and I currently hold CFI, CFII, MEI certificates, and also a HS-125 (Hawker jet) type rating. I got the itch to fly early in life because of my parents whom both worked for Boeing at the time, and subsequently knew plenty of pilots. Therefore, I got lots of backseat time and knew that someday that would be me at the controls going somewhere cool. However it was not until I was in my early 30’s that time and money came together to make it happen. Since then I have had many opportunities in aviation, but settled on making a career out of teaching others to fly which, for me, has been my passion.┬áTeaching students to fly is a privilege and one of the most satisfying occupations!