EFI Flight School is proud to announce that on August 18, 2017 we were granted our Part 141 Certification from the FAA for our Private Pilot Training Course!

Part 141 Certification entails a rigorous process that requires the detailed inspection of our aircraft and the maintenance performed on them, as well as record keeping procedures for both students and instructors to ensure currency and proper documentation is maintained. Our training curriculum and syllabus were reviewed and approved to guarantee strict adherence to the Part 141 guidelines. The EFI facilities are required to meet minimum standards to include briefing areas, dedicated FSS telephone, classroom environment, and all training devices/equipment must be FAA approved. Our Chief Flight Instructor and Assistant Chief Flight Instructor were given a one on one interview where they were questioned on every aspect of our training program and then a practical check ride to demonstrate knowledge and competency of the curriculum.

Only about ten percent of flight schools in the nation hold a Part 141 Certification, and EFI is especially proud of this achievement because it is an acknowledgment of our commitment to providing the highest quality training and service to our students every day! In addition, we are able to license our students in 35 hours of instruction, versus the 40-hour minimum of part 61 applicants. EFI will continue to train students that would prefer to train under 14 CFR Part 61, if they so desire.

With this Part 141 Certification EFI can now begin the process of applying for the honor of being able to accept Veterans Benefits. We have begun the paperwork application and understand many of you are anxiously awaiting the approval from the VA so you can utilize the GI Bill that you so rightly deserve. We will pursue this issue just as actively as we did the Part 141 and keep all informed of our progress on this front.

We have also submitted our application to add additional courses to the certificate and hope to have our Commercial Pilot and Instrument Rating Training Courses approved within the next two to three weeks.

Thank you for your continued support. EFI remains committed to providing the absolute highest flight training standards available in Southern California and we appreciate your faith in our ability to keep you safe and happy in your flying endeavors.

We hope to see you soon!

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