To be honest I never ever imagined that I would own a flight school, but I have always been enamored with aviation. My first flight was with an uncle that took me up in a rental 150 and flew over our house when I was 14. From that day I have always wanted to slip the bonds of Terra Firma and experience controlled flight.

My Army Aviation experience only helped to kindle the fire following college and I embarked on an aviation career that I could not have dreamed of; including travels around the world and seeing some of the most interesting places on earth that would not have been possible without my aviation field providing the catalyst.

After living internationally for almost 14 years I returned to California to find a hidden gem that had not been fully developed and I decided that with a fantastic built-in family that made EFI what it is, and an extraordinary client base to work with, EFI could become a first rate aircraft training and rental facility.

I am extremely proud of the entire EFI Staff (family) and know that each and everyone of them is here to make your flying adventures safe and enjoyable.

From the front staff, the flight instructors, and myself I want to thank you for trusting your aviation needs to EFI and assure you that we will strive to make every flight fun, every interaction with our staff enjoyable, and the thrill of flight as affordable and safe as we possibly can.

Blue skies and calm winds from EFI!