efigroupEFI Flight School, located at French Valley Airport in Murrieta, offers comprehensive flight training programs that not only train students for a Private Pilot Certificate, but also Instrument, Commercial and Certified Flight Instructor certificate programs.

Passing the FAA check ride is just one part of your training. At EFI Flight School, we will prepare you for flying in the real world with proficiency and confidence, and we will provide you with a training program that is tailored to meet your goals, schedule and budget. Our flight training programs are designed to incorporate all of the elements that are critical to making you a safe and competent pilot! At EFI Flight school we offer:

  • Highly experienced and qualified instructors, so you know you’re flying with a pilot who has handled every situation you could possibly encounter in the air.
  • Technically-advanced and carefully maintained aircraft to keep you safe in the air.
  • Flight instructors whose sole business is flight instruction, and whose primary concern is helping you reach your goals. We aren’t successful unless you are successful!
  • A commitment that you’ll work with the same instructor throughout your training, and that all flight and ground instruction will be conducted one-on-one with your instructor;
  • A relaxed, training atmosphere that is friendly, professional and personable!
  • Finance options to help you manage the cost of flight training.