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Let’s face it, learning to fly is more a matter of lifestyle choice than simply earning a new pilot certificate.  Some will spend discretionary dollars on any number of sports and hobbies.  But a few, a very select few will pursue a lifestyle that offers the freedom to navigate the skies and travel at their convenience to distant places - some for business and some for pleasure.  Your key to exercising that freedom lies in choosing a flight school that will help you attain something you’ve probably dreamed of since childhood.

Executive Flight Institute (EFI) is recognized as one of the finest flight schools in the entire Southern California region.  We are a professional flight school and aircraft rental company with years of experience teaching people to fly safely.  We offer the highest quality instruction program available.  Well, stop daydreaming and start flying today!  Give us a call at (951) 304-9639 and we’ll schedule your Discovery flight.

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    Getting started on your flying adventure is easy!
    CLICK HERE to schedule your discovery flight today. We understand pilots, and what it takes to be a pilot, like no one else!

    We'll walk you through the program step-by-step, from your first discovery flight to your final check-ride. Here is what you can expect from our flight school:

    • A safe, friendly and comfortable, dynamic atmosphere in which to learn.
    • A knowledgeable flight instructor to mentor you and accommodate your requirements. Training in new and dependable Cessna aircraft.
    • An internet-based ground instruction program that makes becoming a pilot easier than ever!
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